The Baker's Whip...

Best's dough hook is an innovative bread making tool featuring a contoured wood handle for comfort, three easy flow-through widely spaced wire loops and a curved spatula like shape for efficient scraping of mixing bowls. The heavy stainless steel wires are attached with food industry epoxy to provide a rigid connection to the 1" diameter contour shaped clear varnished maple wood handle. The commercial quality tool is 14" in length and is dishwasher safe. Perfect for mixing thick batters for biscuits, scones and muffins as well as bread dough.  Made in USA
Made in USA

Length            Model #

14"                 # 14-BWW          
The Flour Duster...

Best manufactures this precision mini sifter. Our stainless steel duster refills with a quick dredge while keeping sticky hands out of flour. Also works well for other ingredients from cocoa to cookie crumbles. Made in USA
Made in USA

Model #

# FD-1           
Bread Re-Useable Storage Bag...

Keep fresh bread loaves fragrant, rustic loaves fresh for days and bagels just the right texture.  They are great for bulk-purchased flour, grains, pasta and even pet food.  They reduce dependence on plastic bags, while reducing waste and recycling efforts. Fresh bread bags are designed for practicality, from the wide easy-access opening to the longer loaf size ~ great for freezer storage of pre-sliced bread!  When not in use, they fold down smaller than a breadbox.  Our bags are pre-shrunk and color fast, made of 7.5 ounce cotton/polyester natural color canvas twill, with thick gauge polyethylene plastic (4ml) lining for air tightness.  The combined strength of these two layers make Best fresh bread bags reusable for years.  The bags are dishwasher safe as well as washing machine safe!  Made in USA
Made In USA

Length            Model #

17"                   # A-10
Nylon Spreaders/Scraper...

These Made in USA nylon spreaders are one of our best selling distributed products.  They are versatile, tough, heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Great for children to use.  The edge is sharp enough to cut a sandwich or scrape the inside of a peanut butter jar  clean but not sharp enough to cut small fingers. The scraper is flexible polypropelene with a beveled edge which  conforms to any bowl shape.The flat side scrapes counters and cutting boards easily.  Dishwasher Safe
Made in USA

Length            Model #                                                                                           Size                          Model #
7 3/4"               # B-925                                                                                           3 5/8 x 2 1/2"           # B-903
11 1/2"             # B-926                                                                                           5 3/4 x 3 3/4"           # B-600 
Made in USA

Spreader Scraper Display Box
#B-925            24 Ea
#B-926            24 Ea
#B-903            48 Ea
#B-600            24 Ea
Measuring Tools...

Measuring spoon and cup sets are made of 18/8 stainless steel.  Measuring cups are standard measure with embossed levels, comfortable wire loop handles and convenient pour spouts.  Built to last. Dishwasher safe
Made in China

Measuring Spoons            # B63                                                                      Measuring Cups            # B-61
Dough/Bench Scraper...

This pro style scraper with an easy grip plastic handle is a pastry chef essential. 6" x 3" stainless steel blade. Dishwasher safe
Made in Taiwan

# B-350
Rotary Sifter...

The design that still does it Best is our commercial quality rotary sifter. 18/8 stainless steel, with stainless reinforced wire mesh and wood handle. Entirely rustproof
Made in Taiwan

Size                    Model #

5 Cups                 # B-262
Rotary Deluxe Egg Beater...

This heavy duty classic deluxe egg beater is of zinc alloy construction with stainless beaters and smooth nylon gears  Dishwasher Safe
Made in China

# B-268
Pastry Pro Blender...

The dough blender that makes perfect pastry in 60 seconds.  It has a rigid stainless steel frame with clog free diamond shaped cutting blades beneath a comfort fit grip.  Dishwasher safe
Made in  China

# SC-20
Wood Rolling Pin...

Best carries a Pasta Pin. The simpler the design the more effective the tool, and the professional tool for getting a feel for the dough as it's rolled is the straight wood rolling pin.  Great for pasta.  Made in USA
 Made in USA

Length            Model #

18"                   #UC-510

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