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Light Side Whip...       

The most often-used tool in the kitchen, owners frequently purchase two or more. Small size and Best's own extra slender eight wire design offer optimum fingertip control in the tightest corners.  Stainless steel wires 5/8" diameter stainless handle. Dishwasher safe.

Length          Model #
8"                       820
10"                     920                 
820-D  Display Box of 24  Made in USA            

Standard French Whip...


Stainless steel wires; 7/8" stainless steel handle, dishwasher safe.
Larger Standard French Whisks are available.  Please see the Restaurant Supply/Food-Service Tab for additional information.

Length               Model #
10"                       #1020    NSF Listed                  
12"                       #1220    NSF Listed
14"                       #1420    NSF Listed

Heavy French Whips

Thick sauces, stiff batters, mashing, blending coarse ingredients- where a job requires muscle, The Heavy provides it.  Eight twelve gauge stainless steel wires and 1" diameter stainless handle are proportioned/weighted to perform well for the heaviest job.

Length                  Model #
10'"                        #1012     NSF Listed
12"                         #1212     NSF Listed
14"                         #1412     NSF Listed

Wood Handle Whips

Not every cook responds to the look and feel of stainless; for these we offer warm wood - nature's ergonomic answer to a good grip in a standard-sized whip. Smooth, turned and lacquered birch hardwood is entirely dishwasher safe. Stainless steel wires.

Length                    Model #
8"                           #8-SW  
10"                         #10-SW
12"                         #12-SW  
14"                         #14-SW
10"                         #10-SWR   
12"                         #12-SWR

Best Flavors

These stainless painted handles add the perfect touch of color to your kitchen.
5 of our most popular whips and the waffle head masher are available in 6 flavors
Red Delicious, Blueberry, Angel food, Banana, Pistachio and Berry Cream


Wine Whisk

This  cute little whisk is a combination bottle stopper and wine aerator.  Simple yet effective at helping your bottle of wine breath and adding depth of flavor when you don't want to wait to enjoy your wine.  Makes a great gift!